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Wedding Information / FAQ

When meeting with wedding clients, there are typical “frequently asked questions” that get asked during an initial meeting.  Below is a helpful guide, with explanations for common questions that I get asked:
How would you describe your styleDuring the wedding day, I am a spectator during much of the day, but facilitate when necessary. I prefer to let the day unfold naturally, but during specific times of the day, such as the family formals, I guide and facilitate posing, groups, directing as necessary.
What is the difference between a proof file and a full resolution file?  A proof file is a digital image that is used mainly for viewing on a computer.  It looks great on a computer, but when printed, a proof file appears pixelated and of poor quality.  Full resolution files from my cameras are  12mp digital files.  These are extremely high quality /high resolution files, allowing you to print images up to 20″ x 30″ with a beautiful, filmlike tonality.
Turn around time / viewing our images after the wedding?  During the busy summer months, my goal is to have your images to you within one month of your wedding date.  An online gallery of selected images can be provided within two weeks of your wedding date if necessary.
How do we receive our prints / albums?  What if family / friends order prints?  After your wedding, I have appropriate forms for placing loose print / album orders.  I will edit / lay out the album, and all products are mailed directly to you.   If family or friends order products from your wedding, they fill out the required form, handle their own payment and receive their own order.
How long do you keep our digital files?  After each wedding, the digital files are copied onto two hard drives, and a separate copy is burned onto a DVD which is stored in a separate (off-site) location from my office.  Your images are kept online for one year from your wedding date, and the DVD / extra drive is kept indefinitely.  (I still have archived jobs from 2003.)
Can you shoot color and black and white images?  Initially, all wedding images are shot in color, with black and white / other conversions done during the post-processing / editing process.  Any image from your wedding day can be converted to a b/w file.  Just ask!
Do you edit all the images?  Yes, all digital files are edited for color balance, exposure, and other issues prior to putting them online.  The strongest images receive additional time and editing to optimize the file quality.   Before your favorite images are printed or put into an album, each image is edited / adjusted again for optimum print quality.
Wedding albums
We use several manufacturers for our albums, each providing a unique style and price point for our clients.  Visit our website (under galleries / products) for sample images of the different albums we offer.  With wedding albums, there are two main types of albums: press printed and photographic print.  A press printed album is a similar technology to high end magazines and coffee table books, printed on a thick paper with an inkjet printer.    A photographic print album  is similar to what you receive when you pick up your prints from a photo lab.  Printed on photographic paper, then bonded to card stock, these albums have a significant feeling of quality when held.
Sign in / engagement album – Engagement albums have 15 – 20 of your favorite images from your engagement session, created with a layout showing ample space for guest signatures and comments.  The albums have a durable glossy hardcover that with a cover images, as well as text if desired.  Inside, semi-matte pages provide a good writing surface, and the perfect place for guests to leave a short message for the bride and groom.
Press Printed books – Press printed books are similar to a soft-cover magazine from a bookstore.  Depending on the final product, press albums can be ordered with either a hard or soft cover.  Printed with 6 color inkjet printers, these albums provide a very high quality album at an affordable price.  Press albums are a great way to print a secondary album for parents, grand-parents, friends or members of the bridal party.
Brilliance Album Our premium album, the brilliance album features a full photographic cover printed on photographic paper with a protective laminate coating. The cover coating creates a beautiful pearlescent sheen, giving your album cover a unique metallic appearance. Inside the album, the album pages are true photographic prints bonded to a rigid layer of card stock.  The pages lay perfectly flat while viewing, and have a very minimal center seam.  Choose from square, panoramic, or rectangular album sizes, with 10×10 being our most common designed size.  Options include presentation boxes, slipcovers, leather, canvas, metal and other cover materials.
Loose Prints / wall portraits
Loose Prints – For loose photographic prints, we offer sizes up to 11×14 on traditional photographic paper.  All images 16×20 and larger are printed as either a loose canvas, gallery-wrap or similar product.  For  loose prints, the most common print sizes are 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 16×24 and 20×30.
Canvas A canvas print is a photographic print that is bonded to canvas, then stretched over a wooden frame.  Canvas prints require a frame, but glass and matting is not necessary.
Gallery Wraps A gallery wrap is similar to a canvas print, but the borders of the image wrap around the sides of the image, providing you with a modern, ready to hang piece of artwork.  No framing or mounting is required.  Open the shipping box, hang a few nails, and your image is ready for presentation.